What is The Pro-Tech HC?

The Pro-Tech HC is a high-strength insulated vinyl jacket that protects your high-pressure wires and fluid hoses from dangerous situations  and damage.

Why is this important?       

We are sprayers ourselves, on job sites nothing is more frustrating than contractors driving over and puncturing your high-pressure hose lines. Eliminating dangerous situations and potential fatalities like this is possible with The Pro-Tech HC. 

Why should someone use it?   

The Pro-Tech HC has been developed to protect your quality of life on the job site and those around you. It has been created with safety in mind to put an added layer of protection between you and the elements around.                                                         

PRO-TECH GUN COVER                          

What is the Pro-Tech GC?

The Pro-Tech GC is a silicone sleeve that covers the entire top the of the spray gun. It keeps guns free from over spray, safe from damage and allows for an easy tear down and rebuild process.

Why is this important?

Sprayers encounter issues all the time when dealing with over spray and gun malfunctions from excess spray foam buildup. The Pro-Tech GC keeps your spray gun healthy,maintenance free and increases the general longevity of the gun.

Why should someone use it?

Keeping the spray gun in good repair, reduce 
overall maintenance hours and prolong the 
life of their investment is top of mind for all 
sprayers. Having a gun go down in the middle 
of a job costs them the ability to get a job done well, on budget and on time.  

Pro- Tech Weather Barrier 

What is the Weather Barrier

The Weather Shield is a custom-made curtain made of coated PU material with heavy clear vinyl to keep cold out and the warmth in.  It also blocks the wind, you can roll up the weather shield if it’s not needed

Why is this important?

We are sprayers ourselves, on job sites you can protect yourself from the elements when working by keeping the door open and still ve in an enclosed area to work

Why should someone use it ?

Sprayers encounter some bad weather conditions when on the job why wouldn’t they want to stay out of the elements when working? They could also keep cool in the warmer months if needed. The sprayers can also just roll up the curtain if it is not required at time of application or during the loading process.


“Making Spray Foam application easier one Stud at a time”

What is the Stud Stick?

The Stud Stick is an anti-adhesion formula that prevents Spray Foam from sticking to the face of wood or steel studs.

Why is this important?

As sprayers ourselves and we understand what a pain in the a*% prep work and clean up can be. We set out to eliminate the pain points that it creates by designing The Stud Stick with sprayers in mind

Why Should someone use it?

Frankly, we believe in the old cliché ” time is money.” At the end of the day, The Stud Stick will make your job quicker, easier and put more money in your pocket.